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Welcome to Joy Comes in the Morning!

This documentary/drama is inspired by the book Joy Comes In the Morning, A Mother and Daughter’s Cancer Journey, written by Rebecca M. Shepard & Jessie M. Lockett. Our film will feature several families from diverse backgrounds whose lives were touched by breast cancer. Their stories will serve to inspire and enlighten you, as well as demonstrate that early detection and intervention, strong will, and perseverance are crucial in the fight against this insidious disease.

You will have a unique look into their respective cancer battles, physical and emotional struggles, and how they have successfully managed to thrive – either while still in the trenches or having emerged victorious on the other side. We will explore the many faces of a disease that does not discriminate. Irrespective of age, race, culture, socio-economic background, or even gender, “breast cancer has no face.”

Who We Are:

SCS FILMS is a Houston based movie production company providing audiences across the country entertainment with a meaning! What does SCS stand for? Systematically Cutting Script… By providing a stronger voice and wider audience to people with extra ordinary messages.

Our Mission:

By providing a stronger voice and wider audience to people with extraordinary messages. Our mission is simple, to help pave the way for hard working dreamers in front of and behind the camera, to achieve their greatest goals in the film industry.


We are proud to announce that Joy Comes In The Morning is LIVE! It is now available on Amazon.

We are so proud of this film and excited to be releasing it this month-National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Visit Amazon

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